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Company History


Today' company Stahlkontor Hahn came into being by the foundation of Berliner Stahlkontor GmbH and Stahlkontor GmbH in Duesseldorf. The company Hahn'sche Werke Aktiengesellschaft, Berlin and Duisburg-Großenbaum in the district of Duesseldorf were the principal owner's of the company shares. 



The two companies merged into "Stahlkontor GmbH". As the mill's trading company of Hahn'sche Werke Aktiengesellschaft and as an independent distributor the company became increasingly important on the pipe and tube market. 



The trading house "Stahlkontor Hahn" was registered as Aktiengesellschaft (corresponding to the British plc.) 



The stockholder company "H. Fischer" in Duesseldorf was taken over and a warehouse for steel pipes and tubes was built up. 



Relocation from Duesseldorf to Ratingen and move into a new and bigger warehouse. 



Stahlkontor Hahn was taken over by the former Mannesmann Handel AG as a subsidiary company. 



Integration into the ThyssenKrupp group. 



Merger of Stahlkontor Hahn with the former Thyssen Mannesmann Handel (Export Sales) into the trading division "Stahlkontor Hahn" as we know it today. 



Stahlkontor Hahn - Division of ThyssenKrupp MetalServ GmbH has continued its success story until today and has been located in Ratingen for 40 years now.